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4th January 2012


ascandalofbaskervillefall replied to your post: timelordy-teganbreann reblogged your photo:…

ok, I admit it. I’m actually a member of the beeb payed to run a tumblr blog for John Watson. Of course, already having a blog John would only have a tumblr without telling who he really was. (and clearly cubone is actually Sherly’s anonblog).

Psh, don’t be obvious, you’re the Moriarty Blog.

Bonesy is Moran or Molly, lots of time and tech and incredibly insightful, yet highly devoted to the missing from the scene at moment/hidden partner. Flossy’s John and Sherlock says that thinks Tumblr’s “Boring” then furitively gets on in spurts whenever he can sneak it on any computer available… >.> I’m totally Sherlock, yes? yes.

Except I never say Tumblr is boring. XD

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