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7th July 2014

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An Infinite List of Beautiful Collections - Zuhair Murad Haute Couture S/S 2007 [2/2]

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28th March 2014

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The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls into a dazzling wonderland of rich hues, patterns, and light that play on the floor of the mosque.

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11th January 2014

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that was a damn good shooting.

race was pure hell, so warm X______X

Photos by Feuerregen (Animexx and DA)

Thorin Oakenshield : Hizsi

May I present to you? My Thorin <3

all the jelly…. all the jelly

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30th November 2013

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The first episode of Doctor Who aired at 5:16 PM on November 23, 1963.

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19th November 2013

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3rd October 2013

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Ok I just wanna talk about how beautiful Attack on Titan’s artwork is


I mean look at that


the sky’s so pretty

and the scenery


you can see the waves in the water and the texture of the trees


and you can see all the details on the buildings


the lighting


is just


so perfect

and the animation


is so smooth


and flawless


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23rd December 2012

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Steampunk Princess Peach

Artists: Skirtz (model) & Kindra Nikole (photographer)

via Geek × Girls

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22nd December 2012

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25th November 2011

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Alex having a Marilyn moment

Can I just say Alex has a DEADLY package.
Fantastic hair, Amazing eyes and smile, smooth and clear - pale but healthy skin, a rack that is large and glorious without being overwhelming… and oh yes, LEGS THAT DON’T QUIT.
If I wasn’t already a lesbian? I would totally be lesbian for her. Goddamn it.

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5th October 2011

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he loves his dogs. :-) awezz

I am besotted with how his glasses make him look and how it’s obvious the dogs adore the heck out of him.

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5th October 2011

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Ianto: Put the key down. Or I’ll shoot. You have to let Diane go. Like I did with Lisa.
Owen: Don’t compare yourself to me. You’re just a tea boy.
Ianto: I’m much more than that. Jack needs me.
Owen: In your dreams, Ianto. In your sad wet dreams when you’re his part-time shag, maybe. That rift took my lover and my captain. So if I die trying to beat it, then it will all be in the line of duty.

don’t let it get to you Ianto baby, Owen’s not thinking clearly. We all know you are more to Jack than just the tea boy. :-)

The thing is, at this point he’s just tipping over that line into a partner, a lover in truth. Owen is an ass however- so he’s going for the most obvious weakness, especially since the real relationship is so new and fragile and barely growing beyond what Owen called it there.

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2nd October 2011

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best moment of the ep for me. i cried. i still cry. i actually cried this morning re-watching it, which was not good cuz i’m forced to church every Sun and already had my makeup and such done so I had to re-do it quickly before I was pushed out the door.

Beautiful scene. :-) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, these two as a couple would have been amazing. I would have quite enjoyed that. :-D So cute!!

Angels danced at the Ritz.

This entire story was beautiful and painful and wonderful. The original Harkness is an amazing man, brave and daring and dashing and sweet and everything a man could hope to be. Jack’s whole immortal life has been striving to achieve what his chosen namesake had before his final flight.

Humanity with humility, Bravery with wisdom, Compassion with strength.

And this episode was coming to terms with that, was seeing what he had to live up to, and how he already had lived up to it. It was Jack coming of age and being accepted and a bit transitioning from wanting to be this good man to BEING this good man. And it was beautiful in every way.

It makes Utopia and the Doctor and the Master’s actions just that more heinous towards him when they follow. He back slides a lot during that year that never was. And it’s so very sad to see.

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1st October 2011

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Jack: Tomorrow is their last training exercise, just another day. They go out on a sortie and are surprised by two formations of Messerschmitts. He destroys three of the enemy. His men listen to his whoops of joy over the radio. Then it all goes quiet. He can’t bail out because his whole plane is on fire. But his men all make it back to safety.

In my headcannon, that fire was the rift energy. He never dies, like Dianne he flies through the rift, into the distant future. After CoE, after Miracle Day. And he lands near where Jack is rebuilding Torchwood and he and Jack, the two Jacks, keep the peace for the first official peaceful contact and help humanity take it’s first toddling steps into inter planetary politics - all from behind the scenes.

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1st October 2011

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Stop-Motion Short of the Day: The history of Western Civilization as told through the changing hairstyles of women over time.



This is actually pretty awesome.

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27th September 2011

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Jack: Excellent bottom.

Algy: I say, old man, there’s a time and a place. Look, we should really be off.

Jack: Sorry, old man, I gotta’ go meet a girl. But you’ve got an excellent bottom too.

Sorry, but I grin like a loon every time I see this scene. It’s SO Jack.

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