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12th January 2013

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crainneag replied to your post: Adventures in Tumblr Roulette
By tumblr roulette do you mean gay porn?

YES atleastimnotbrentspiner had animated Data Porn… D: Talk about awkward.


i just saw this in my tag what what animated data porn what

You had some gif drawing with Data, having sex, I think? You’re the only one I follow that does Data stuff, I think… anyways, it was very awkward.

Actually found it- not animated, just very graphic, the Data/Lore fanart….. XD The poor girl was like “WHAT WAS THAT?!?!” “Tumblr roulette, I repeat, I can not control what appears on my dash randomly sometimes.”

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9th January 2013

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Literal Gpoy… I dressed up for my company xmas party- but forgot my makeup bag at home. Orz
My co-worker said that I looked cute except the “Crazy need of yours to cover your legs, why didn’t you just not wear tights”…
Uhm, how about I feel horribly uncomfortable with more than half my legs exposed, and it was cold?(I don’t even wear shorts…)
Anywho, uh, me, all dressed up for a party. With no makeup but having fun anyways. :P

Literal Gpoy… I dressed up for my company xmas party- but forgot my makeup bag at home. Orz

My co-worker said that I looked cute except the “Crazy need of yours to cover your legs, why didn’t you just not wear tights”…

Uhm, how about I feel horribly uncomfortable with more than half my legs exposed, and it was cold?(I don’t even wear shorts…)

Anywho, uh, me, all dressed up for a party. With no makeup but having fun anyways. :P

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16th December 2012


I wonder if anyone put me in a Follow Forever-

First world Tumblr User problems- the 5 tag limit for searching means you never know if you’re on someone’s nice list… or naughty list.

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16th December 2012

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unicornachos said: I CAN’T FINISH S1 TOMORROW DUDE I’m only up to episode 8 and my internet is so slow atm that it’s taking 3 hours just to download one episode |||OTZ

Yes, yes you can. Or at least by Tuesday. Keep downloading the episodes, one after the next- queue em up before bed, and then watch them ALL.

Aren’t I the bestest friend? Pushing the horrors of my fave fandoms on others makes me all tingly and warm inside. Like a crossroads demon getting that first kiss.

I convinced another friend she only had to borrow season 1 of Sherlock… twas epic trolling indeed when I got a 4am email of “OH MY FUCKING GOD, WHERE IS SEASON 2?!?!”

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16th December 2012

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unicornachos said: Fannish you are the spawn of Satan okay


Please do tell me you are not JUST figuring this out?

And yes, watch the rest of season one. You should do it tomorrow so you have plenty of time to decide if you want to rent the rest. >.>

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16th December 2012

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A friend gets into one of your fandoms- and complains about how angsty/horrifying/painful it is.

If you are a good friend, it is your duty to tell them what episodes are cheerful and good to watch just before bed.

By good, I mean tell them to totally watch the worst cliffhanger/horrific moment/absolute angst. And they are convinced it is a happy episode.

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7th July 2012

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guardingdark answered your question: BOOM! Midlife crisis mid ramble on a picture-

Don’t you hate it when you realise that the people you idolise are younger than you and also famous? Like, fuck, what have I done w/ my life.


Ahhh I just… I love my life- I just- having a moment where I question, what happens in 10 years? Will I still live alone? What of 20? What of 30? In another lifetime, I will be old, my knee that hurts now will be 5-10 years replaced- I will look every one of my years and then some- And I will likely be just as alone.

I was supposed to have a plan- but along the way I lost it. Surprisingly not disparaging the fact that I lost the path I originally had plotted for myself- instead wondering what will come next- and also questioning a few specific life choices… I mean I used to love actors 30 years my senior… now I’m crushing on actors my age and even 3 years my junior… will I turn into one of those creepy twilight moms before too long? *shudders*

I like my life, too, and all; I mean, I like to think I’ve accomplished more than just pissing off my parents, all things considered, but then there’s that part of me that wants to know why I threw away the chance I had to make it to the Olympics so I could dissect things. And my self-esteem issues about being a parent, we won’t speak of those.

Though I think I’m (mostly) safe on the actors’ front; basically anyone under about forty gets my maternal instinct, poor things, and I’m quite secure in my hopeless crush on Helen Mirren. XD

You won’t have to be alone, dear, by then you’re allowed to have cats, and rent out rooms to sociopathic consulting detectives and their boyfriends bloggers. You know the drill.

OH MY GOD. New plan. Get enough savings to buy a nice triplex or townhouse block or something. Become Mrs. Hudson.

You have answered my querulous question of what the future holds!


And didn’t know you had a munchkin, you are probably an amazing parent. *super hard hugs* I have all sorts of feels, and, lets be honest, tears over my Ex’s kids so. *just offers more super hard hugs*

My email and askbox are always open if you want to talk real life stuff in private.

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7th July 2012


Fandom Problems: Having a song stuck in your head and being unable to decide if it is a fic idea or a song until you give in and google it.

Then deciding it was a fic idea after all- and then being unsure which of the dozen characters it fits- it is supposed to be fitting for the sake of the fic you will write for it.

also: No really, Loki or Sherlock or Tony? Or a dark bit of MorMor? MerlinAU?

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4th July 2012

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Looking at my “To write” list-

Combined with my “To do” list…

And weighed against the things I have actually accomplished so far this week…

I am seriously wondering if Bi-polar and ADHD combined symptoms might not be best classified as “Anything but what I should be doing now.”

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26th June 2012

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Just a little rabbit: The "I'm Sorry I Introduced You to the Losers Comics and Made You Cry" fix-it fic Rec List →


Preeetty much what it says on the tin, because I was hanging out with Fannishminded earlier, and she’s about halfway through Volume 5 and has already started crying… (I am the worst friend ever :D)

Remember how I said there weren’t very many fix-it fics? Yeah, about that… I wonder why the…

I had seen this before- and re-read all of them, I’d just blanked on it…

But it’s not enough fixing… *still a bit misty* Couuugar…..

No, I’m good… I’m fine. I am. *sniffs* Though I adore Dead Gay Boyfriends as a concept now. Just saying. I personally prefer a bit of both- Jensen has lost it, after finding a hat that looks like Cougar’s he distresses it exactly like Cougar’s had been- but also, Cougar really is there- just the very light presence in dreams, trying to watch over his friend as his friend falls apart.

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26th June 2012

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This is what a plastic paddy looks like up close.: fannishminded: monstertesk: fannishminded: monstertesk replied to your... →




monstertesk replied to your post: Just dropping some love in your ask.

I WANT TEA AND HAIR FLUFFS. You do lots of things right. Like offering me tea and being awesome. Yup. Tons of right shit.

*offers you some…

Oh god, Teavana still has it’s claws in me…White Ayuvedic Chai with a healthy helping of Samurai Chai Mate blended in is my go to daytime tea, and Mycroft is my horrible, horrible desert/nighttime tea addiction.

God, I could drink a pot a day of each… and when I’m home, I actually do. orz

I would make a HORRIBLE Brit, I drink froofy teas more than I drink the P&G tips, etc. I also tend to be adventurous in spurts- I’ll try new teas if another person has them to share- or if I get one recommended to me, but once I have one I love, I will drink the SHIT out of it till I am SICK of it… and not apologize one whit for it.

I seriously bought a 2lb tin of the White Av/Samurai Chai blend because I know I’m going to be drinking it for at least another year. (a mate had a 40% off coupon they were willing to use for me. <3) And I ordered 5 3oz packets of Mycroft for the same reason.

If Cara ever makes the tea I requested, I will probably wind up doing the same with it too. XD

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25th June 2012

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As promised to Fannish, here’s how I dressed for my birthday dinner Friday evening.

Two photos because the lighting is shit on the first one, but the first one showcases the SUPER FUCKING AWESOME POSTER FROM FLOSSY OMG I LOVE YOU

I really like this, I feel like an OC Doctor.

WAY late because I fail tagsurfing- but this is SO AWESOME! You totally look like the doctor’s son or the 12th regeneration! (Though you look so young that I will totally be justified in my personal “He’ll need daycare for his 13th!” joke)

Fangy should be getting a gift for you too in the box, that should be there any day now- I sent it out last week. XD

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24th June 2012

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No Really. I have 200 things to be doing

This is not one of them.

Things I did this morning while at work.

  • Wrote that Cape fic.


Thor and Loki, being goobers.

The next parts have Doomki and Thorki and the dreaded Mpreg so I won’t post them here even when they’re done… but yeah. This part stands completely alone.

This is what I banged out because of that damn picture…

Loki has killed Doom and is mourning Thor- whom Victor had claimed to have killed.


The prompt was originally:

Thor comes back from a hunt to find Loki asleep on his bed, teary eyed and clutching one of his capes.

Read More

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16th May 2012


What I wrote during my dinner break… shameless bragging.

So, I am currently living the life.

So what if I was called into work on my day off and everything aches-
My day started with calls from my Mother then my Manager, one guilt tripping me about not telling her things, and one guilt tripping me into coming in to cover for others despite= yanno my requested day off.
So I decided to go in early and have lunch down the way.

Thus started my day of awesome.

Had a hot stone Bibimbap bowl for brekkie/lunch,

a handful of almondia chocolate and cherry biscuits with fresh hot chai tea for late lunch/tea

And am now drinking Jaritos

whilst eating pistachio chicken

and vegetable stir fry. OMNOMNOMNOM

My evening will be ending with fresh egg custard tart

and a blueberry smoothie.

I got called into work, on my day off, and ate all the awesome. You are jelly of my “bad” days. Admit it.

In Other news, ALL THE POSTS on Bay Area Sherlockian are about to happen.

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6th May 2012

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Lovely Appreciation: fannishminded


fannishminded (aka Dawn) is a wonderful human being. She is kind, sweet, and just totally awesome period.

She bought 3 sets of manga and a wig off me to help me with my London goal and I couldn’t be more grateful to her help and support.

Thank you so much, lovely. You are an amazing person who deserves the best. Continue to be awesome. Cheers!

Awww <3 Hey, as I said in fanmails, it’s all part of my evil plot to send more fellow fans off to live their dreams and possibly spread the Hugs/Love. <3

I expect to see you on Tumblr at least once in a while during your madcap London adventures! And do let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

And it’s really not like it was at all a hardship to help!

I had liked all three of the Manga titles but never bothered to buy them, so it was totally cool to grab them- And I am hoping the ability to offer an Anthea wig to anyone that might want to cosplay her may tempt folks into cosplaying her for the scavenger hunt. XD

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